These terms are standard for Customers with a contract in place with Webpac.

Webpac’s parent company is:

Webpac Limited
VAT Number: GB712151091
Webpac Limited is registered in England No. 3379184
20 Farringdon Street,
London EC4A 4AB.
United Kingdom

Webpac’s wholly owned subsidiary is:

Compañía de Tecnologías e Internet Webpac S.A.
VAT Number: ESA82614678
Registro Mercantil de Madrid - Tomo: 15.261 - Libro: 0 - Folio: 48 - Seccion: 8 - Hoja: M-255616
Calle de Juan de Mariana, 15
28045 Madrid

The above companies will be collectively referred to as Webpac. The services provided to you by Webpac will be collectively referred to as the Webpac Cloud and include access to,,,,, customer web sites and other Webpac hosted sites, apps, and technologies.

General Webpac information, policies, contact, and support information can be found at

Terms & Conditions

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The Webpac Cloud is Webpac’s independent online platform.

Webpackaging®, Expomaker®, PackPortal™, Packbase™, PackStudio3D™, iSalesToolkit™, Universal 3D™, PackTag™ are proprietary technologies of Webpac provided via the Webpac Cloud. Webpac®, Expomaker®, and Webpackaging® are registered trademarks of Webpac.

The Webpac Cloud, technologies, code, web sites, and apps are © Copyright 2022 and owned at all times by Webpac Limited.

Webpac's software is owned by Webpac including server code, apps, and any changes or modifications. The Customer has no right to the ownership of Webpac’s code, even when modifications to that code is made on their behalf.

The Customer cannot re-sell Webpac’s services to any other party.

Contractual Information

Prices are only valid and guaranteed if proposal accepted before expiry date (or 30 days of transmission of this document if no expiry date). Prices do not include VAT or local taxes where applicable and will be added to the final invoice.

Unless specifically agreed and written otherwise: The Customer is fully committed to all agreed/contracted initial set-up and annual fees. No refunds will be given for cancellation part way through the contracted obligation. All contracted fees are fully due even if the Customer terminates the project and the project is not finished.

Payment terms for invoices are 30 days (or as otherwise specified in this agreement, and displayed on the invoice). Failure to pay within this period may result in a loss of provision of Webpac's services and may also incur extra charges.

Work may not commence until the deposit/first payment has been received. Payment schedule dates only delay if project is delayed by Webpac and are not changed if project is delayed by the Customer.

Work/changes/sub-projects not written and detailed in a functional project specification are not included.

Additional prices for future work only guaranteed in the first year and subject to change thereafter.

If the Customer delays the project at any point more than 3 months (or 3 months in total), additional charges may apply.

Services from one year unused do not automatically carry forward to subsequent years.

Annual fees and all pricing is liable for an annual inflation rise.

Annual fees will continue after the contracted period (at Webpac’s discretion) unless cancelled by the Customer in writing with 30 day’s notice before the expiry of existing annual fees.

Servers and Hosting

The Webpac Cloud and technologies are provided online as a service and are not transferable to a third-party Customer server.

The Webpac Cloud is hosted at a reputable cloud services provider.

The Customer accepts that the site may go down from time to time for maintenance reasons.

The site might go down for reasons beyond Webpac's control. Webpac will do everything it reasonably can to get it running.

Under no circumstances is Webpac liable for loss of business due to inability to access the site.

The hosting service provision is for a general-purpose business application (fair use) and is not an intensive/bulk file sharing, video streaming, or backup service.

Webpac backs up the Customer’s data and files. A complete copy of the Customer’s data can be provided on request (whilst the Customer still has a contract with Webpac).

An emergency server is in place for temporary use in case of outage of main server.


The web services will work in a modern web browser (no more than 3 years old). The app solutions will require the latest version of iOS installed, or Windows 10+.


Webpac provides support for emergency cover (including downage, or information security breaches) 24-7 via the telephone number +34 629053856 for major system outages. Other issues should be sent to

Customer Data

The Customer is responsible for the legality of their content and all information stored and presented.

The Customer permits Webpac to use the Customer’s data where marked public for the provision of its own services.

Webpac will remove non-public Customer data on termination of any contract including any non public personal information.

Customer Data will be securely stored at Contabo (main and backup servers in separate locations) and Dropbox, plus offline copies at secure Webpac locations - i.e. four separate locations all within the European Union.

Information Security

Webpac's subsidiary company (Webpac S.A.) has ISO 9001 and is committed to the ISO 27001 Information Security standard.

Webpac uses the GDPR as its guidelines for setting personal data standards. See our Privacy Policies

All Webpac solutions are encrypted in transport using https. Multi-Factor Authentication is available to enterprise solutions.

Usage Terms

Additional terms and conditions for accessing the Webpac Cloud can be found here and must be accepted by users when logging on.