Webpac develops and implements digital cloud-based solutions for the packaging industry.

Webpac S.A. was founded as a company in Madrid on March 27th, 2000 with the spirit of providing a complete service of the highest quality with commitment to our client. Extensive experience in the development of digital solutions for the packaging industry, sets the company apart from the competition.

Our mission at Webpac is to offer our customers a comprehensive, personalized, quality service in our development of their digital solutions specialized in the development of web and multiplatform applications in a safe and secure manner.

Our aim is to offer personalized solutions for our customers that go beyond traditional solutions, incorporating creative services that give a better response to the challenges of customer requirements and anticipate the evolution of the global market, whilst offering competitive prices for the best product quality, security and service.

Consequently, Management intents to undertake, lead and implement an Integrated Management System based on the following guidelines.

  • Compliance with legislation in the development of its activities, as well as other requirements signed with interested parties.
  • Customer Satisfaction Commitment, users and other interested parties.
  • The importance of the Information Security Management in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  • The maintenance of the necessary communication channels with customers and other interested parties for the detection of their current and future needs, in order to ensure their satisfaction regarding the fulfillment of their requirements and expectations.
  • Compliance with the requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, through the implementation of measurement systems and monitoring of the services provided for our users, as well as the objectives.
  • Selection of suppliers and subcontractors based on quality and information security criteria.
  • The training and awareness of all those involved in our process, in order to improve it, and promote participatory quality and information security management.
  • Information Commitment to interested parties, as well as their detection of needs and expectations.

At all times, the team at Webpac will carry out its work in alignment with the achievement of the set objectives along with the requirements of the client as indicated in this policy.

The revision of this Policy will be carried out by Management to ensure its adequacy for the purpose and context of building digital solutions for the packaging industry.

The quality of service as a result of Webpac S.A.’s activity is the responsibility of each employee. Every employee must therefore undertake to fulfil the development of an Integrated Quality Management System with the aim of executing projects with greater added value for all parties.

Revised by Webpac CEO 11 May 2022