Webpac and Ardagh accelerate product innovation and speed-to-market with new 3D configurator

Webpac and Ardagh accelerate product innovation and speed-to-market with new 3D configurator

Webpac is excited to launch a 3D online configurator for global leader in glass and metal packaging, Ardagh Group. Seamlessly integrated into their website, the Ardagh 3D configurator provides a cutting-edge, interactive 3D pack experience for customers, to accelerate the product development process and enhance brand-supplier collaboration. It features 200 components (and counting) – most of which are metallic - with volumes from 100 ml to 20 liters in three main categories: food and nutrition, paint and coatings, and aerosols. The innovative technology empowers users to bring their ideas for packs to life, while drastically reducing lengthy and costly prototyping.

As does Webpac, Martin de Olde, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Ardagh Group, understands that time to market is essential. “With the enhanced studio, customers can easily visualize their artwork at the very early stage of the packaging development as a 3D model within minutes.

Ardagh’s customers are now able to configure packs in 3D in real-time, directly in their web browser. With mix and match technology, users can combine compatible 3D components instantly, and explore an array of colors and materials to design and decorate their own packs. The realistic reflection of the different metallic components is remarkable, as they react to the background for enhanced product visualization and a truly interactive experience. “Ardagh Group’s new 3D Studio is truly at the cutting edge of packaging design technology,” adds De Olde.

The Ardagh 3D online configurator provides real customization possibilities for each component. Considering the material type, the 3D configurator adjusts functionalities by locking down possible options. In steel components, the configurator considers the welding when decorating, allowing users to create packs that are not only attractive, but possible. Once the pack is created, registered users can save and share their editable designs with colleagues and external partners alike, so that all users can collaborate instantly and participate seamlessly in the configuration of packs.

Aerosol components go beyond Ardagh’s 3D configurator, as brands with their own configurator are now able to combine their parts with compatible supplier 3D parts instantly, thanks to universal standards. The technology perfectly aligns with Ardagh’s aim to become the preferred packaging partner to the world’s leading brands, as well as Webpac and Ardagh Group’s shared vision to deliver on customer innovation and speed-to-market.

Visit Ardagh Group's 3D Studio to experience cutting-edge, interactive 3D pack configuration.


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