The life and times of a Webpac intern

The life and times of a Webpac intern

Greetings to all. My name is Edward Rees. I am, at least for the next four days, an intern here at Webpac. I have been working here for the past two months as part of the year abroad program in my university and I wanted to write a little description of my experience. Before I start, I want to say that nobody is holding my family ransom while I write this. I suggested writing this article myself as a way of encouraging other people who may be in a similar situation to myself to apply for Webpac. So, any praise you see here is genuine, coming straight and unadulterated from the horse’s mouth.

Like every good story, apart from Star Wars, the best place to start is at the beginning. My initial experience of arriving in Madrid was daunting. Before coming, I had spent three years knowing that I would be going on a year abroad but that didn’t make the reality any easier. I arrived in Madrid by myself, faced with the task of wrestling with paperwork and Spanish bureaucracy, only to start a job where I knew no one. There’s no hiding from the fact that it was a difficult time. This is why I am so grateful for the way Webpac welcomed me into their team. As soon as I arrived I was introduced to everyone working in the office. While I can’t say I learnt all their names immediately nevertheless it was reassuring to be surrounded by friendly, welcoming faces.

From the first day to the last, the atmosphere in the office has continued to be fantastic. Webpac clearly understands that the happier the employee, the more productive they are likely to be. The work environment clearly reflects this. There is table football and an arcade machine to be enjoyed during the lunch break and, throughout the day, employees can select the music in the background. It’s easy to see the positive impact this has as the team share close personal relationships, often going to play football together after work or ordering food together as a tradition on Fridays. Within my first week I had been invited to go to a restaurant, to play football and to go for after-work drinks. After two months, I have developed genuine friendships with other people on the team.

But it would be pointless to write about a job and talk about everything apart from the job itself. I can’t profess to have been an expert in the packaging industry before coming here. Like most people, I was aware of the concept of packaging. I was rather adept at using the stuff I’d say, but very much unaware of the logistics of buying and selling it. So I arrived as a rookie. A rookie who spoke a different language from the principle one of the office. Despite this, after a little bit of proving myself to be vaguely trustworthy, I was entrusted with genuinely meaningful tasks. I have been given full permission to interact with clients and have written articles which feature on the company website. Even in some small way the work that I do here is meaningful. It has helped my motivation and sense of fulfilment significantly, knowing that I am not just here to fill space and provide idle conversation in broken Spanish.

For anyone who has to go through the same year abroad process as me and is looking for a job in Spain, I would highly recommend Webpac. There is ample opportunity to practice Spanish with many native speakers in the office. However, since it is an office dealing in international sales, there is a high level of English spoken throughout the office. The initial experience isn’t quite as daunting as it could be as there is always the linguistic safety net to ease you in to speaking Spanish before you feel fully comfortable. There is also a wide range of jobs and tasks you can get involved with. With content creation, sales, marketing and digital management, I have had my first experiences with a variety of different skills which will come in useful later in life. These include; managing clients, learning the basics of photo editing, marketing and content creation, and learning the basics of Excel (it’s damn useful).

The team at Webpac is incredibly friendly and the job is very fulfilling and enjoyable. I would highly recommend anyone looking to apply for an internship in Madrid to apply. Webpac. And just to remove any remaining doubt from your mind, they have even bought a new coffee machine…