Pak2000 moves into the future with digital 3D catalogs

Pak2000 moves into the future with digital 3D catalogs

Digital technology is becoming ever more present in modern business and Pak2000 are joining the party with the completion of an exciting new project. Working alongside Webpac, Pak2000 have created a full 3D catalog for their luxury bags and boxes. Using Webpac’s own PackStudio3D™ software, they have their customers in mind with this project. PackStudio3D software permits a level of user experience which is unprecedented amongst traditional digital catalogs, cutting costs and saving time while remaining user-friendly.

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PackStudio3D is a solution for visualizing product concepts and for rapid prototyping. It generates a full 3D rendering of products and allows full customization within seconds, reducing the time and cost typically associated with creating physical prototypes. This software is ideal for marketing products to potential clients or for face to face sales as it enables an optimized and flexible pitch, giving the customer as much of an advantage as possible with a client.

With this in mind, PackStudio3D is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Featuring intuitive controls, the user can render their very own 3D models quickly and easily, with full control over a wide range of colors and materials. Customers can upload their own logo and artwork and see the finished 3D product rendered in photo realistic quality. What’s more, the solution does not require any 3D software and is compatible with any browser, including on mobiles and tablet. All the user needs is access to the internet to start creating their own customized products via the Pak2000 portal on The software is even available offline to Pak2000 representatives through iSalesToolkit™. This is perfect for any sales pitch where a strong internet connection may not be guaranteed.

Pak2000 is always looking for new ways to provide the best possible service for its clients and the 3D catalog constitutes a significant improvement in this regard. In the world of luxury packaging, image is everything. Having the ability to visualize designs quickly and easily is imperative in order to create a smooth journey from design to end product. With the 3D catalog the user is granted freedom to experiment with their designs which previously would have only been achieved by creating physical samples.

3D catalogs are a perfect example of how new technologies can be used to revolutionize existing services in the packaging industry. While normally requiring specialist 3D software, PackStudio3D is available to anyone with a browser, bridging the gap between customer and design. With all the benefits that this new technology brings with it, Pak2000 are one of the first companies to join the revolution.