Duncan Briffett, CEO

Duncan Briffett, CEO

Webpac, Méndez Álvaro 9 2B, 28045 Madrid, Spain

I have the privilege of being brought up in a relatively free and peaceful society, without extreme poverty, that respects the rule of law, that is moving in a direction of acceptance and equality, and that has genuine opportunities available for those that want them. I have the honour of working with amazing people, with diverse backgrounds and cultures from all around the world. I am lucky.

My role as a CEO is to identify and work with the right people – employees, directors, suppliers, investors, and customers. I have high standards, no apologies for that. Number one I value integrity. When hiring people, I’m also looking for empathy, passion, and creativity.

+ Empathy to help understand the world from other people’s perspectives – even if different to ours.
+ Passion and talent for whatever that person does.
+ Creative ability to find a pathway to a successful solution.

There is nothing better than watching the team evolve and progress.

Our customers’ needs drive our business forward. Sometimes we anticipate those needs, but mostly our customers are steering us as we listen carefully to feedback they give us. We work for small start-ups and billion-dollar mega corps and they all share one thing in common, our customers are people.

I graduated from Royal Navy officer leadership school, have a first-class honours degree in electronics and communications engineering. I was awarded the Sir William Siemens Medal and the Motorola Prize. I have a proven track record in building a business from scratch, developing cutting-edge digital solutions, delivering global projects to the world's biggest companies, and growing sales profitability. I am a competent marathon runner and enjoy adventure.

But all of that does not matter. What matters is my ability to successfully build meaningful relationships with great people, create teams, and to work together with them for mutual success. Above all, I am a husband, a dad, and hopefully somewhat human.