Creating brand-supplier ecosystems that digitize packs and packaging

Creating brand-supplier ecosystems that digitize packs and packaging

Imagine bringing your pack idea to life and onto the shelf in 60 seconds. If you think about all the time it takes to source from multiple suppliers, mix and match components, decorate with artwork and logos, and create and transport physical samples, this sounds unreal.

The digitalization of packs is not just a trending topic, it is now the reality of numerous leading brands and suppliers around the world in the emerging digital arena.

Webpac, the world´s first cloud-based platform for brands and pack suppliers, delivers cutting-edge, data-driven, digital solutions for enhanced pack sourcing, design, development, management, and visualization that build on what you, the company, already has in place.

With many moving parts and different people involved with the product development process, connectivity and efficiency can be complex and discombobulated.

Catered to meet the industry´s specific needs, Webpac’s integrated core solutions allow both brands and pack suppliers to digitize the pack development process and connect in a central hub (or cloud). The Pack Cloud lets you connect, collaborate and create, faster – all in one platform!

The Webpac Pack Cloud allows users to search their own portfolio of products, find compatible supplier components, mix and match 3D parts in real-time, change component materials and colors, upload new artwork, and download to an iPad to view in Augmented Reality (AR).

3D product configuration, AR, digital product catalogs, industry-specific websites, and access to a data-driven online ecosystem are some of the many features that allow you to accelerate speed-to-market, innovation, and gain greater market share.

This digital shift signifies a pivotal moment for the industry. With Webpac as their partner, leading brands and suppliers are increasingly digitizing their assets. Pack data can now be seamlessly managed, searched, configured, and instantly visualized in 3D and AR, and then shared securely across multiple public and private channels from your personalized pack portal.

Webpac is creating global brand-supplier ecosystems for billion-dollar companies in the personal care, beauty, beverage, home care, and foodservice sectors.  As the trusted digital solutions partner for leading consumer brands and their pack suppliers all over the globe, Webpac is at the forefront of the digital transformation for the pack development process, powering the world’s first cloud-based platform for the industry – the Pack Cloud,” affirms Webpac’s co-founder and CEO, Duncan Briffett.

Connecting your business to Webpac’s Pack Cloud allows brands and suppliers to make the digital development of packs with universal mix and match of components a reality and, as a result, bring better products to market faster, more cost-effectively, and with less environmental impact. 

Lasting digital transformation takes more than technology - it takes, vision, leadership, and a strong digital partner to smoothly guide your business through the process. Are you ready to join us in the future in pack development?

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About Webpac

Webpac is the world’s first cloud-based platform for the consumer goods and packaging industries.  Webpac delivers digital solutions empowering brands and their suppliers to connect, collaborate, and create faster.

Webpac offers an integrated cloud-based suite of 5 solutions (the Pack Cloud) for brands/pack purchasers and pack suppliers: PackSearch (search engine), PackPortal (brand innovation portals), PackStudio3D (3D pack configuration and Augmented Reality), PackCatalog (catalog and specification software), PackSales (sales toolkit apps) that accelerate the product development process.