Case Study: Quadpack Group

Case Study: Quadpack Group

Quadpack was an early adopter of iSalesToolkit.  Their vision was to unite the sales force by providing up-to-date presentations, catalog data, and other tools to enhance the face-to-face experience.  At the same time, the solution was to provide public catalog information to its customers.

Webpac deployed iSalesToolkit to the sales and marketing teams and implemented a custom iPad app available from the home page at The web site, app, and toolkits were designed and built by Webpac.  Quadpack was one of the first companies in its sector to provide customers with a completely downloadable product catalog that worked offline.  Webpac has subsequently been hired by Quadpack to integrate their iSalesToolkit and web catalog with their SAP system, providing internal catalogs with price data  and external catalogs with data direct from SAP.

“iSalesToolkit helps unite our sales team and enhance the customer experience by providing information on the go.”

 Tim Eaves, CEO Quadpack