Supplier Exposure

Generate packaging exposure and leads via measurable content marketing services and advertising campaigns on the Webpackaging platform.

Supplier Exposure

There are thousands of packaging options available in the market, packaging suppliers must ensure their products and services stand out.

The best way to be noticed is to place information strategically on a platform where buyers go to source packaging, ensuring investments are maximized.

Webpackaging is the global platform for packaging containing 10,000+ comprehensive company portals with over one million pages of tagged content.

Webpackaging generates guaranteed exposure and measurable results for suppliers to the packaging industry, driving traffic, raising awareness, and facilitating new business opportunities.


  • We create digital content to inform and Educate potential customers about your products and services.
  • Webpackaging produces original news, interviews, videos, multimedia features, catalogs, and other resources.
  • Packaging products can be photographed, digitally edited, and transformed into online 3D models to help customers discover more.


  • Tag your content through Webpackaging’s powerful online portal software ensuring the right content reaches the right people.
  • Manage galleries, blogs, news, locations, catalogs, specifications, and set content launch dates.
  • We index your own web site so it is searchable on Webpackaging. Our software powers and manages many industry leading web sites.


  • Launch press releases, news, digital publications, products, and entire catalogs.
  • Content is pushed to 30,000+ users via regular eNewsletter alerts. Features launch in the Beauty, Pharma, and Food digital publications.
  • Member suppliers are promoted through geo-targeted banner adverts directed to their regions of interest.


  • Supplier portals are open for business 365 days a year. Connect with brands looking to source packaging.
  • Choose relevant leads from Webpackaging’s pool of open Requests for Info (RFIs) and Requests for Quote (RFQs).
  • Generate trackable contacts direct from brands and receive qualified referrals to your own web site.


  • Analyse your exposure using Webpackaging Analytics software. Measure your campaign results in real-time.
  • Get detailed information about which companies are looking at your content.
  • See how much exposure you are getting and where. Use this feedback to enhance campaigns and align them with your business needs.


  • Increased exposure throughout the packaging industry
  • The most cost effective way to be seen all year round
  • Targeted advertising to countries/regions of focus
  • Launch new products and services to a wide audience
  • Capitalize on existing products, tooling, and machinery


  • Generate new sales leads, access open requests, and increase sales
  • Learn who is looking at your content and view detailed stats
  • Promote to specific markets such as beauty, food, and pharma
  • Use your supplier portal to manage and promote all your content


Please CONTACT US to buy and activate our Supplier Exposure solution. Solution options are listed below. Supplier Membership

1 Year Membership € 4,000 / £3,500 / $5,000
  • Ad-Free Supplier Portal at top of Webpackaging search results.
  • High impact regionally targeted banner advert: 10,000 impressions.
  • We create an original interview feature that is promoted.
  • Your web site content is indexed by our crawler.
  • Access real-time statistics and even see who is looking at your content.
  • Publish news, catalogs, launch products & content, unlimited.
  • Promote attendance at shows & maximize your investments.
  • Access a regular stream of open requests for information & quote.
  • 2,000 guaranteed content impressions minimum per year.
  • Your personal marketing manager ensures your goals are reached.

Additional Exposure

  • Enewsletter Content Boost - 6 Boosts €1,500 / £1,313 / $1,875
  • Banner Advert Boost - 75,000 Extra Ad-Serves €3,000 / £2,625 / $3,750
  • Beauty/Pharma/Food Publications - Advert/Multimedia/Spotlight €1,800 / £1,575 / $2,250

Content Creation

  • Videos Full Production - Animation/Voice Over (60-120 seconds) €1,500 / £1,313 / $1,875
  • News Article Writing + Product Photo - 6 Articles €3,000 / £2,625 / $3,750
  • Translation Per Language - 1,000 Words €200 / £175 / $250

Set-Up/Promotion of Stand Alone 3D Models

  • First 20 3D Models per Model €200 / £175 / $250
  • More Models (>20) per Model (Built from drawing/sample/photo) €100 / £88 / $125
  • More Models (>20) per Model (Customer provides compatible CAD file) €50 / £44 / $63
Video Clip: Beauty by Webpackaging Digital Publication

Video Clip: Beauty by Webpackaging Digital Publication

Beauty by Webpackaging is the interactive digital publication for beauty and cosmetic packaging.

Case Study: Quadpack Group

Case Study: Quadpack Group

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Case Study: Premi Spa

Case Study: Premi Spa

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Case Study: TricorBraun

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Case Study: Rexam

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Case Study: Induplast

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Case Study: Gepack

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Case Study: Plastiape

Case Study: Plastiape

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