Smart Sourcing

Brands offering packaged goods can source packaging, manage suppliers, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation through a number of services.

Smart Sourcing

Webpackaging accelerates innovation for packaged goods companies by enhancing creativity, speeding up product development, and improving efficiency/reducing costs through its powerful packaging toolset, community, and knowledgebase.


  • Webpackaging contains powerful tools and searches based on its database of 10,000+ packaging suppliers.
  • The research database includes supplier information, locations, catalogs, specifications, visit reports, and more.
  • All information is indexed and tagged using Webpackaging’s unique Packtag system for categorizing information.
  • Webpackaging can also perform bespoke research, create custom reports, and perform supplier visits.


  • Receive the latest packaging innovations and 3D concepts in advance of the market.
  • Use the 3D Design Studio to rapidly configure and create packs with no design or technical skills required.
  • Access you library of existing products, make changes, upload artwork, save, share, and print in 3D.
  • Webpackaging can provide creative shapes, designs, and concepts that you can manipulate to give your project an instant innovative boost.


  • With Webpackaging’s supplier insight tools you can manage and search your suppliers and their products instantly.
  • Get map views of the locations of your suppliers and enhance trips by visiting more suppliers.
  • Organize and group your suppliers in a structure that fits your business.
  • Get streams of news and innovations from your suppliers and store internal notes about them.
  • Suppliers can access Packbase software and upload their own catalogs and innovations.


  • Your Packaging Portal can additionally be used to manage and search any other content you wish to share internally, or with your suppliers.
  • Create internal file/document shares, forums for discussing packaging, even upload and create specifications using Packbase software.
  • Set access rights and create workgroups. Add visit reports, quality reports, mold data, etc. to manage all your packaging information in one place.


  • Use your Packaging Portal to publish RFIs (Requests for Information) and RFQs (Requests for Quote).
  • Publish request to either your preferred suppliers, or out to the Webpackaging community at large.
  • Your Webpackaging Packaging Portal forms a key part of effective procurement.
  • Once a project has been completed, store information about it such as a 3D model for future consultation.
  • Manage internal notes about the effectivity of the selected supplier.


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Video Clip: Beauty by Webpackaging Digital Publication

Video Clip: Beauty by Webpackaging Digital Publication

Beauty by Webpackaging is the interactive digital publication for beauty and cosmetic packaging.

Video Clip: Brand Packaging Innovation Portal

Video Clip: Brand Packaging Innovation Portal

Gain core supplier insight, make detailed catalog searches, publish requests, manage internal information, keep a running list of favorite suppliers and service...

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Video Clip: Browsing the PackStudio3D Library

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