Smart Sourcing

Brands offering packaged goods can source packaging, manage suppliers, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation through a number of services.

Smart Sourcing

Webpac is collaborating with consumer goods companies worldwide.

The result is accelerated brand innovation by enhancing creativity, speeding up product development, and improving efficiency/reducing costs through a powerful digital packaging toolset, community, software, and knowledgebase. For example, our supplier mapping tool shows your supplier locations alongside your plants to assist with strategic sourcing.

A Packaging Innovation Portal empowers people to collaborate and share knowledge internally as well as work smarter with key partners in a sophisticated global supply chain. For example, it sounds obvious but packaging and products are three-dimensional so let all members of your team (technical and non-technical) work in 3D to make a better product faster and win a greater market share. Webpac is a proven global leader in this field. Empower the participants in your global supply chain to feed your development teams with the latest information including their facility locations, news stream, innovations, catalog data, and 3D models.

The race to fulfill the consumer's needs is getting faster - it is time to arm your team with the tools to win.


  • Webpackaging contains powerful tools and searches based on its database of 10,000+ packaging suppliers.
  • The research database includes supplier information, locations, catalogs, specifications, visit reports, and more.
  • All information is indexed and tagged using Webpackaging’s unique Packtag system for categorizing information.
  • Webpackaging can also perform bespoke research, create custom reports, and perform supplier visits.


  • Receive the latest packaging innovations and 3D concepts in advance of the market.
  • Use the 3D Design Studio to rapidly configure and create packs with no design or technical skills required.
  • Access you library of existing products, make changes, upload artwork, save, share, and print in 3D.
  • Webpackaging can provide creative shapes, designs, and concepts that you can manipulate to give your project an instant innovative boost.


  • With Webpackaging’s supplier insight tools you can manage and search your suppliers and their products instantly.
  • Get map views of the locations of your suppliers and enhance trips by visiting more suppliers.
  • Organize and group your suppliers in a structure that fits your business.
  • Get streams of news and innovations from your suppliers and store internal notes about them.
  • Suppliers can access Packbase software and upload their own catalogs and innovations.


  • Your Packaging Innovation Portal can additionally be used to manage and search any other content you wish to share internally, or with your suppliers.
  • Create internal file/document shares, forums for discussing packaging, even upload and create specifications using Packbase software.
  • Set access rights and create workgroups. Add visit reports, quality reports, mold data, etc. to manage all your packaging information in one place.


  • Use your Packaging Innovation Portal to publish RFIs (Requests for Information) and RFQs (Requests for Quote).
  • Publish requests to either your preferred suppliers, or out to the Webpackaging community at large.
  • Your Packaging Innovation Portal forms a key part of effective procurement.
  • Once a project has been completed, store information about it such as a 3D model for future consultation.
  • Manage internal notes about the effectivity of the selected supplier.


  • Innovate, share, and collaborate faster using powerful tools
  • React quicker to ever changing market trends
  • Increase speed to market and win greater market share
  • Re-use existing knowledge and tooling to save money


  • Search your core supplier catalogs in one place
  • Visualize artwork and material options in real-time
  • Configure packs in 3D with mix and match components
  • Get streams of products in 3D from your suppliers


Please CONTACT US to buy and activate our Smart Sourcing solution. Solution options are listed below. VIP Pass

1 User VIP Pass - 1 Year Subscription €1,500 / £1,313 / $1,875
  • Full unrestricted access to all Webpackaging Smart Tools, Content, Maps, and Searches
  • View more Trends, Innovations, 3D Packs, Suppliers, Map Data, and Visit Reports (Beta)
  • Premium Emal Alerts! Receive the latest content and publications BEFORE everyone else
  • Access all features of PackStudio3D software, including saving favorites
  • Access to all Beauty, Pharma, Food publication back editions

Packaging Innovation Portal

Portal - 1 Year Subscription Consult
  • VIP Passes as required for full unrestricted access to Webpackaging
  • Powerful online collaboration portal for accelerating packaging innovation
  • Promote your packaging needs/requirements/eco-credentials to suppliers
  • View core supplier news and innovation stream, search core supplier catalogs
  • Packbase content management software, edit users, view users
  • Manage suppliers, visit reports, docs, forums, images, specifications, 3D models, and more
  • PackStudio3D software, build your own 3D pack library
  • Publish requests for quote/info to core suppliers or to Webpackaging suppliers
  • Annual training session and ongoing portal support
  • Option to turn off banner advertising for all portal users

Packaging Innovation Portal Consultancy

  • A complete service for setting up a packaging innovation portal
  • Consultancy to set up all supplier catalogs and innovation streams
  • Missions to create visit reports for suppliers in specific regions or sectors

Packaging Innovation Portal 3D Models

  • Creation of interactive 3D model from sample, photo, drawing, idea, concept (Per Model) € 200 / £175 / $250
Video Clip: Uploading artwork to a 3D tube with PackStudio3D

Video Clip: Uploading artwork to a 3D tube with PackStudio3D

One of the primary features of PackStudio3D is the ability to customize items so they look as close to a real piece of packaging a...

Video Clip: Webpac launches PackStudio3D 2.0 with major enhancements

Video Clip: Webpac launches PackStudio3D 2.0 with major enhancements

The latest version of PackStudio3D comes with major enhancements such as an improved lighting model and custom background images.

Video Clip: The Silgan Dispensing Systems 3D Design Lab for smarter product development

Video Clip: The Silgan Dispensing Systems 3D Design Lab for smarter product development

In May 2017, Silgan Dispensing Systems in collaboration with Webpac introduc...

Video Clip: Beauty by Webpackaging Digital Publication

Video Clip: Beauty by Webpackaging Digital Publication

Beauty by Webpackaging is the interactive digital publication for beauty and cosmetic packaging.

Video Clip: Brand Packaging Innovation Portal

Video Clip: Brand Packaging Innovation Portal

Gain core supplier insight, make detailed catalog searches, publish requests, manage internal information, keep a running list of favorite suppliers and service...

Video Clip: Browsing the PackStudio3D Library

Video Clip: Browsing the PackStudio3D Library

How to search and browse the PackStudio3D library. Search 3D pack models by market, component, material. Open the 3D model and visualize it in a web browser.


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Download: Beauty by Webpackaging Flyer

Download: Food by Webpackaging Flyer

Download: Pharma by Webpackaging Flyer

Download: Webpackaging Flyer