Webpac accelerates product development and innovation for consumer packaged goods brands, with Brand Pack Portals. Transform the way you collaborate with suppliers and create innovative packs with your own Pack Portal. Set up your pack information plus that of your core suppliers in one smart structure. Access direct feeds and custom searches within catalogs for product specifications, along with the latest news, innovations, locations and more. With Universal 3D™, create real-time configurators to mix and match components instantly from numerous sources, including your own portfolio, core suppliers, and beyond.

Smarter collaboration

Instant inspiration

Accelerated innovation

Faster product development

Brand Pack Portal

A Brand Pack Portal is the ultimate, fully secure solution for contemporary brands that want to launch a better product on the market, more quickly and cost-effectively. Make your Brand Pack Portal the hub for your company’s digitized pack information and your core packaging suppliers’ innovation streams. Use the Brand Pack Portal to search through core supplier digital catalogs and mix and match your internal and supplier 3D components in real time. Then, design and share your configured pack via e-mail in seconds. With instant virtual prototypes, eliminate the need for physical samples and shave months off the product development process.

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