Webpac’s catalog sharing solution is the industry’s most robust tool for creating and sharing pack and packaging information. Store detailed specifications, conduct instant searches, and showcase your models and parts with 360º photography or 3D visualization in real-time. Your catalogs are built using Webpac’s core Packbase™ online content software and Packtag™ tagging technology, making them universally compatible with Webpackaging, brand Pack Portals, offline sales toolkits for the sales team, your company website, or secure private systems. Catalogs can integrate seamlessly with your back-end systems, such as SAP and SQL.

Instant plug & play

360º photography or 3D viewer

Unification in one data source

Smarter multi-channel distribution

Digital Catalogs

Unify all your product data in one easy-to-use and versatile source. Create a digital catalog with detailed product specifications, 360º photos, or even stand-alone 3D models, for a powerful visual experience. Feature your digital catalog on your website or take it with you as part of the iSalesToolkit environment, online or offline, anytime, anywhere. Best of all, you can add your catalog to Webpac’s Pack Cloud in any format to engage with the world’s largest community of brands and suppliers. Digital catalogs are the ultimate solution for direct, smarter collaboration between brands and suppliers.

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