Webpac kicks off next-gen 3D configurator for Itty Bitty Beauty by Qosmedix launch

Webpac kicks off next-gen 3D configurator for Itty Bitty Beauty by Qosmedix launch

Webpac has just launched the next generation of 3D pack configurators with integrated price estimation for Itty Bitty Beauty, the new mini-packaging division of Qosmedix. The first-of-its-kind feature enables Itty Bitty Beauty to streamline the sourcing and development process of mini-packs for cosmetic manufacturers.

Itty Bitty Beauty’s innovative online configurator not only allows customers to bring their packs to life instantly in 3D, it also provides real-time price estimates which update with every parameter change. Customers can quickly create mini-packaging concepts and easily source within their budgets.

In just four simple steps, Webpac’s cutting-edge 3D configurator allows Itty Bitty Beauty customers to create unique and cost-effective packs, from concepts to final designs in seconds:

  • Define It, mixing and matching 50 components from 4 product ranges – bottles, tubes, jars and vials.
  • Design It, exploring an array of color and material options.
  • Customize It, uploading artwork from labels to full graphics.
  • Quote It by saving, sharing and submitting a formal quote request.

All adjustments are mapped instantly, allowing both indie beauty brands and established cosmetic manufacturers to create unique packs suitable for travel, promotion and sampling.

We chose to partner with Webpac to provide an enhanced and accelerated packaging development experience through a web-based 3D configurator tool. One of the most exciting features of the configurator is the ability to estimate a price for customized packaging dynamically, as each attribute is selected. This gives the customer all the information they need up front to start the development process according to their budget. This is a first of its kind for our industry. Thanks to Webpac’s cutting-edge technology, Itty Bitty Beauty allows packaging developers to bring products to market faster, and work with a supplier known for its customer service, quality control and social responsibility," said Vice President of Marketing for Qosmedix, Sari Sternschein.

Powered by Webpac, Itty Bitty Beauty’s configurator is an efficient and innovative tool for brands who want to simplify the sourcing process for customized mini packaging.

Check out the price estimator feature in Itty Bitty Beauty’s online 3D configurator.


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