Webpac donates hardware to local educational organization

Webpac donates hardware to local educational organization

At Webpac Digital Media Group we are aware of the importance of understanding technology. The company employs programmers, designers, audio and video editors, database experts, front-end developers and many other specialized IT personnel. All of whom use their skills daily at Webpac.

Webpac Digital Media Group develops and implements smarter selling and sourcing solutions using digital platforms and a common thread that runs through Webpac is a passion for technology.

We want to pass this passion on to the next generations and make sure they also understand the ever-evolving technologies around them. With that philosophy in mind, Webpac has donated ten computers to a local organization dedicated to teaching programming and other IT skills.

From the age of six, children can participate in fun classes where they are taught the basics of programming and how they can control robots. They also learn how to build their own robots on an Arduino platform and later program it to resolve certain tasks. It is a fun and interactive way to learn about technology and acquire some advanced computer skills.

With the knowledge, they acquire there, we hope that they are better equipped to deal with the challenges the future might bring.