Silgan Dispensing Systems releases revolutionary 3D Design Lab

Silgan Dispensing Systems releases revolutionary 3D Design Lab

Silgan Dispensing Systems, in collaboration with Webpac, has released its ground-breaking 3D Design Lab. This represents a drastic reduction in the time between the designing of the product and the product hitting the shelves.

See the new 3D Design Lab here:

Brands need to design products of the highest quality if they want to stay competitive in today’s market. Nowhere is this more true than at a multinational company such as Silgan Dispensing Systems. Customers purchase Silgan Dispensing Systems products on a day to day basis which is a demonstration of the faith that they put in their products.

Quality is expected nowadays. With such a high standard of manufacturing across the board, the emphasis has changed to keeping in touch with consumer desires. Response time is therefore vital as the best product is always the one which is most up to date. Cutting time spent in development is a key concern for any brand.

This is one of the reasons why Silgan Dispensing Systems has released the new 3D Design Lab. The 3D Design Lab is a sales solution that allows customers to browse an online catalog of Silgan Dispensing System’s products. It differs from traditional 2D cataloging by allowing clients to interact with and customize a 3D model of the product online. Clients are able to upload their own artwork and experiment with all available design options in order to visualize the end product accurately.

Clients can now complete a process within minutes which would normally take days or weeks. With no need for physical samples or rough estimates of how a product might look, the time it takes to go from design to final product is significantly reduced. The client has more flexibility as they can use the additional time to experiment with different designs or to move the products through the development process much faster.

In a recent interview, Webpac's CEO Duncan Briffett stated, "The 3D Design Lab is at the forefront of the packaging industry. We are proud to provide Silgan with state of the art services to help their customers fulfil their packaging needs."