RPC Superfos upgrades labelling tool to fully-interactive 3D pack configurator

RPC Superfos upgrades labelling tool to fully-interactive 3D pack configurator

As a front-runner in the development and manufacturing of plastic packaging solutions, RPC Superfos approached Webpac to take pack development to the next level and provide an optimized configuration experience for their customers. Webpac is replacing RPC Superfos' current labelling tool with a powerful, fully-interactive 3D configurator, enhancing not only the visualization of pack designs but also allowing customers to configure and decorate packs in seconds.

The new configurator caters to the diversity of RPC Superfos’ product line. Customers in the food and chemical markets can now configure over 300 components – from plastic tubs, pots, containers, covers, spoons, lids to handles – and create truly unique and innovative pack designs in 3D, in real-time.

Non-technical users can now collaborate on pack designs instantly in their web browser, mix and match components, customize colours, materials and transparencies, then share their editable designs instantly with colleagues. Not only does the configurator implement the standard features of the PackStudio3D solution, but it’s also Webpac’s first configurator that facilitates multi-artwork uploads on different parts of a single pack.

RPC Superfos’ new studio enables smarter collaboration with customers, resulting in a more efficient pack development process. Packaging developers and buyers have the possibility to store their own 3D pack designs in private libraries, so they can compare products and make cost and stock enquires about several products at once.

Birthe Bebe Nielsen, Divisional Product Manager, Sales & Marketing at RPC Superfos, reflects, “The new 3D Studio, developed by Webpac, offers our customers cutting-edge virtual prototyping to instantly bring their pack ideas to life in 3D. With improved visualization and instant configuration of packs, we can work with them to accelerate their speed-to-market and create packs with extraordinary shelf presence.

Browse their 3D Studio, for a truly interactive 3D pack experience of RPC Superfos’ product portfolio.


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