Pushing the boundaries of packaging design

Pushing the boundaries of packaging design

Always looking to challenge and further the limits of advanced digital packaging decoration technologies, it is no coincidence LageenTubes came to Webpac.

At the forefront of digital packaging development, Webpac’s Online Configurator delivers a cutting-edge, interactive 3D packaging experience for customers. It is the perfect digital solution to configure and visualize LageenTubes’s endless decoration possibilities for their tailor-made packaging tube solutions – including full digital printing on caps as well as single, multi-layer and Sugarcane tubes.

Webpac built a powerful 3D packaging configurator for LageenTubes and their customers, to transform the way they collaborate and create unique packs. From tube to cap, and everything in between, users can now explore their creative packaging ideas as well as configure and visualize them in 3D in real time. The powerful yet easy-to-use configurator lets non-technical users actively collaborate in the packaging development process, empowering any user to create a personalized tube and make a packaging concept an instant virtual prototype.

Branded “Pick-a-Pack” by LageenTubes, the configurator is composed of seven different tubes (three diameters and seven volumes) with two cap options per tube diameter for a total of six screw on caps and flip top caps. Pick-a-Pack users can mix and match tubes and caps in 3D as well as explore an infinite combination of colors, materials, transparencies, and other special effects. Then, they can upload unlimited artwork options, with instant real-time mapping. The result is a fully configured and decorated tube, how concepts will look instantly in 3D, from any angle.  

Being able to visualize an array of packaging options in 3D in a matter of minutes, helps customers make better and faster decisions, with more confidence in their choices. Webpac delivers on accelerating the product development process, as Online Configurators not only provide enhanced product visualization but the ability for consumer packaged good brands and suppliers alike to be more creative and innovative.

Explore your creative packaging ideas and shave weeks off the product development process with LageenTubes’ Pick-a-Pack Online 3D Configurator.



Webpac is the world’s first cloud-based platform for the consumer goods and packaging industries.  Webpac delivers digital solutions empowering brands and their suppliers to connect, collaborate, and create faster.

Webpac offers an integrated cloud-based suite of 5 solutions (the Pack Cloud) for brands/pack purchasers and pack suppliers: PackSearch (search engine), PackPortal (brand innovation portals), PackStudio3D (3D pack configuration and Augmented Reality), PackCatalog (catalog and specification software), PackSales (sales toolkit apps) that accelerate the product development process.

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