Press Release: Smarter selling and sourcing solutions company Webpac celebrates its 20 years online

Press Release: Smarter selling and sourcing solutions company Webpac celebrates its 20 years online

London, United Kingdom – August 2016.

“We are one of a very few Internet centric companies that have been in business for more than 20 years, testament to our people and the added value solutions we deliver.”
Duncan Briffett, CEO of Webpac

In 1996 Duncan Briffett (current CEO) saw a fax from The Body Shop looking to source a pack.  Briffett thought that there must be a better way to source products and Webpac was born.  The co-founders of Webpac realized the Internet would be a powerful medium for both selling and sourcing – a smarter way to drive growth and efficiency.

Webpac launched its first product, Webpackaging, a few months later.  Webpackaging is where successful brands source packaging.  Webpackaging has helped connect thousands of packaging buyers and suppliers during the last two decades.  It is underpinned by Webpac’s Packbase content management software for digital catalogs and specification management systems.  Packbase is used throughout the industry powering internal and external web based systems.

In recent years Webpac’s product portfolio has expanded with iSalesToolkit empowering sales teams with offline sales tools when face-to-face with the customer.  iSalesToolkit has been deployed to thousands of sales people in the field and its users base includes dynamically growing companies and billion dollar corporations alike.  Webpac’s most recent product is PackStudio3D which accelerates product development through online 3D configuration in a web browser.

Webpac is now employing 30 people and supports hundreds of clients on a global basis.  The vision its co-founders had more than 20 years ago has been more than achieved.  Webpac’s smarter selling and sourcing solutions are being used to drive growth and efficiency in the $850 billion packaging sector and beyond.

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About Webpac

Webpac drives growth and efficiency through smarter digital selling and sourcing solutions.

Webpac provides powerful digital solutions for efficiency and growth to the $850 billion packaging sector and beyond.  In 1996 Webpac launched the world’s first online platform for the global packaging industry helping connect thousands of packaging buyers and suppliers.  Webpac has delivered its iSalesToolkit solution to billion dollar corporations around the world, empowering thousands of sales people.  Webpac created the first cloud based 3D configuration and design solution for packaging running online in web browsers and offline on tablets.   In 2014, Webpac opened its state-of-the-art facility Webpac Digital Studios for design, software, and technology.  Webpac is a totally self-financed business with hundreds of customers, solid financials, and a track record of over 20 years enhancing business.

Webpackaging®, Packbase™, iSalesToolkit™, PackStudio3D™ are products and trademarks of Webpac®.  Webpac Digital Media Group is the group of Webpac companies with parent company Webpac Limited registered in England No. 3379184.