Pick-a-Pack: LageenTubes adapts PackStudio3D

Pick-a-Pack: LageenTubes adapts PackStudio3D

LageenTubes has become the most recent company to use Webpac’s PackStudio3D software to improve their customer experience.

Using Webpac's PackStudio3D environment as a base. LageenTubes has released it's own 3D configuration tool called Pick-a-Pack. It's a much more compelling way to play around with ideas prior to engaging in full protoyping. Users can change tube sizes, cap styles, and colours, as well as select materials from a number of default options.

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Standard colours are offered, but users can also choose custom colours to match branding perfectly. Colouring and material options are independent so that tubes and caps can be adjusted separately. Users can even upload their own artwork, to emulate direct printing, hot-stamping, silk screening, metallization effects and other decoration techniques.

A template is downloaded and opened in a graphic editing program. The file is then uploaded and set to the new artwork design. And there you have it, a fully decorated tube! Users can even share designs with each other online.