Latest version of the iSalesToolkit App is now available on the Apple App Store

Latest version of the iSalesToolkit App is now available on the Apple App Store

A significant upgrade to the iSalesToolkit App for iPads and iPhones has been launched with major new security, tracking, and functional features.

iSalesToolkit on the iPad now tracks all user activity (even when offline) and uploads that data when the user is connected online.  This allows administrators to have detailed usage statistics and brings the iOS version in line with the same functionality on the Windows App.

The iOS App features enhanced security protocols for data encryption and customer data protection.  When a user first starts iSalesToolkit, any data that is no longer available to that user is automatically wiped before the user can see it again.  Previously, these updates only occurred on user toolkit update.

All iSalesToolkit users on iPads/iPhones should update their devices to the latest version as soon as possible to benefit from these enhanced features.  An update to the Windows App will be also be coming soon.

iOS iSalesToolkit App Updates April 2017:

  • App-Server communication fully encrypted (https/SSL)
  • Additional enhanced security updates to guarantee customer data protection
  • Daily pop-up message to user reminding them to update their toolkits
  • Automatic deletion of unauthorized toolkits on starting app (not just when updating)
  • Ability to capture photos of business cards and attach directly to leads
  • Complete tracking of user activity, with statistics for administrators (in line with Metro App functionality)
  • General bug fixes and enhancements, including fix for special characters in password