Enhancing brand-supplier collaboration on the new Toly.com

Enhancing brand-supplier collaboration on the new Toly.com

Webpac was tasked with designing and building a new corporate website with an integrated digital product catalog for Toly, a world leader in packaging solutions for the beauty industry.

And we delivered.

The new website features a bold and modern design with prominent product photography and improved functionality. Users can now navigate through Toly’s comprehensive selection of products and services, enjoy their exclusive client portfolio, and search through the vast product catalog efficiently.

Toly’s new digital catalog features over 2,000 products and their specifications, accessible via an easy-to-use interface. As all content is categorized and tagged using Webpac’s powerful Packtag tagging technology, users can browse and search the catalog for product information and obtain precise results in seconds. They also benefit from an efficient search engine offering both keyword and advanced parameter searches, allowing them to find and view product details instantly, such as volumes, materials, locations, and more. For enhanced visualization and an optimal experience, users can zoom in on products or view them as full-screen images, as well as see related product recommendations.  

A tree-based data structure, designed to fit Toly’s market-specific needs, facilitates not only a more intelligent search but also the smarter organization of product information. Built using Webpac’s core content management software (Packbase) and tagging technology (Packtag), the website and digital product catalog are universally compatible with Webpackaging.com and Toly’s own secure private system, accelerating and simplifying the importing and editing of data.

With regards to data security, Webpac also integrated a fully secure logon system, allowing Toly to safeguard their advanced product information, access to which is only granted to select users.

Webpac’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the consumer packaged goods industry made it the perfect partner for the task. The result is a polished website with industry-optimized content and innovative product visibility that provides a smooth and engaging customer journey.

Experience Toly’s new site, www.toly.com, and browse through their attractive client portfolio or digital catalog.