Cosmety ramps up market potential with new website

Cosmety ramps up market potential with new website

Webpac has recently designed a new website for Cosmety packaging. Cosmety is a cosmetic packaging manufacturer that was founded in 1982. Their products have drawn the attention of customers internationally due to their excellent quality and competitive pricing. This new website is a statement of intent from Cosmety as they look to further increase their presence on the international market. Using their expertise in the packaging world, Webpac’s marketing specialists were able to work in tandem with their website designers to construct a website tailored to Cosmety’s exact needs.

A positive user experience is vital in digital marketing to retain a customer’s attention and business. These improvements will help Cosmety bring their products to a wider range of clients, beneficial for their own business while helping out clients looking to buy packaging.

The new website was crafted to bring Cosmety up to date with modern digital standards. One of the main tasks that Webpac faced was creating a simplified layout. Featuring a sleek design, the new website is easy to navigate for customers due to its intuitive signposting. The website benefits from being designed by a team of English language communication experts which optimises clarity. The user experience is straightforward yet aesthetically pleasing, even featuring artwork from the CEO’s daughter herself!

The new website is synchronised with Webpac’s own Packbase software, an incredibly complex and powerful content management system developed with a focus on packaging content that is nonetheless quick and easy to use. With this software, Cosmety greatly expands its sales capacity by presenting potential customers with all the sales information in an easily accessible fashion. This, combined with the work Webpac did towards SEO optimizes a client’s user experience and greatly increases the potential for new business for Cosmety.

Having a strong online presence allows the company to attract interest from new clients that previously would not have been aware of Cosmety as a packaging source. With the new and improved website Cosmety can now start to make itself known across a wider market, setting up potential business all over the world.