Case Study: Groku

Case Study: Groku

Webpac made the Groku web site more lively and ineractive with 3D models of their products integrated into their web site.

When browsing the web, it is very difficult to get a clear idea of what a piece of  packaging looks like without actually touching a sample.  Advancements in technology now make it possible to add fully interactive 3D models of products to a web site with no plugins or specialist CAD software required.

Webpac’s PackStudio3D solution can be embedded into any web site. In Groku’s case, Webpac simply provided the add-in code and the Groku developers associated the correct 3D models with the correct catalog pages.

The 3D models were additionally made available to the Groku sales team for offline use on tablets via Webpac’s iSalesToolkit app.  The iSalesToolkit Windows 8/10 app was used to hook up the 3D models to an interactive touch screen used at shows and events.