Our story

Webpac delivers five core digital solutions empowering brands and pack suppliers to connect, collaborate, and create – faster! It wasn’t always this easy to get innovative packs onto store shelves, though.

While working in the industry I came across a fax blast to suppliers from The Body Shop, sourcing an oval bottle. It was clear that a web-based platform for brands and suppliers to connect was a market necessity. In 1996, Webpac was created to do just that. Today, when you use our services to search for packs, you instantly connect to suppliers, their catalog specifications, and even interactive 3D models.

But we didn’t stop there. The Webpac Pack Cloud now allows users to search their own portfolio of products, find compatible supplier components, mix and match 3D parts in real-time, change component materials and colors, upload new artwork, and download to an iPad to view in augmented reality (AR).

The Webpac journey so far has been an amazing one. We are an incredible team that continuously evolves to meet client needs, as we listen and learn from the customers who inspire our daily business. Join us and accelerate your business by connecting to the Webpac Pack Cloud!

Our 5 digital Solutions

What began in 1996 as the world's first digital platform for packaging has evolved into the integrated pack cloud. Today Webpac's five core solutions are...

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for Brands

Enhanced innovation and creativity

Smarter collaboration and knowledge transfer

Improved efficiency and speed-to-market

for Suppliers

Empowerment of the sales team

Enhanced customer experience

Increased exposure and sales growth